The Michigan DNR is undertaking an effort to create a database of Michigan specific snowmobile photographs. The intent of the photo database is so they may be used in various public materials such as the Snowmobile Regulations handbook, the Snowmobile Safety Education student manual and other efforts that will positively affect and promote the sport. There are several categories of pictures wanted but all should be in compliance with legal requirements and all safety principles.

All photographs should be land/trail based.

1.  Pictures showing proper and improper trail permit and registration decal placement. 

2.  Pictures of sleds on designated trails showing designated trail signage/confidence markers.

3.  Pictures of 2-up sleds with 2 on board (youth involved is highly desired).

4.  Pictures showing on-coming sled traffic with operators using proper hand signals (turning, slowing, stopping, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 sleds following).

5.  Pictures with sleds that show iconic or otherwise poplar/famous Michigan attractions (eg. Mackinaw Bridge, waterfalls, scenic overlooks) in the background.

6.  Pictures involving groomers/groomer operators while on the trail.

If you have any of the above Michigan snowmobiling pictures and you are willing to share those pics knowing they may be used in public materials, please send them via email to: